Data silo and how it creates problems

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Do you know data silo? It may be an isolated group of data. It may be raw data which is not processed or has not been analyzed yet. It may be the data held by different working units of a big organization. It may be a stored data which may become unreadable or inaccessible by various data tools. Data silo may have an influence on every part of your business in the following areas, particularly.

Budget plan

Your financial planning is crucial. Your company lives on the strength of financial matters. If there is data silo, it means there is a lot of data that has been missing in Analyzation and maybe support if it comes to the view of your financial planners. It may also mean that analyzed data is not showing the real facts and figures. Your excel spreadsheet is not giving you a full view of the real picture. The budget allocations may not be reliable and complete in respect.

Information system

It may confuse your information technology staff. They are not getting the real picture of the matters. There are some small organizations which have not much resources and personnel to handle all available data. They cannot develop, manage and analyze data which is already organized poorly. In their day to day work, they miss a lot of crucial data. It is a growing demand for using the data. This data over hold its staff and they are not capable of handling this data and provide the real figures.

Employee engagement

If human resources are performing well, your company may be suitable. The reputation of your company depends on human resources. If there is data silo, it will resist the company to look inward affairs. The functionality and performance can’t be measured with scattered and incomplete data. How can you engage your workforce without a full picture of figures and facts? You may not punish the wrong people and reward good ones. It may hide the problems which are going without any notice. It may make the situation worse.

Slow down

It would help if you had quick and well-informed decisions. If you have all the information, you may work even better. It would help if you used modern tools. There is a lot of modern software which may deliver and analyze data. You may use the dynamics 365 partners.