Egyptian Cotton Sheets

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Egyptian cotton is superior-quality long-staple fiber that is predominantly cultivated in the Nile Delta part of Egypt. As a result the long luxefibers of Egyptian cotton are stronger compared to other varieties. The continuous length makes it easy to be woven into strong lustrous fabric. Egyptian cotton sheets are extremely soft, stress resistant, strong and resistant to pilling. Moreover, the sheets tend to soften with age and with the right type of care they can last for years.

The cotton is graded by thread count and a high threat count accounts for softer and more luxurious sheets. You can access a wide range of thread counts ranging from 200 to 1000.

The total number of threads per square inch determines how soft or quality of the sheets. Egyptian cotton bed sheets come in a variety of thread counts and you can choose based on the amount you want to spend. While some manufacturers tend to use lower grade cotton to achieve a high tread count, Egyptian cotton is high quality enabling you to access superior bed sheets that will last a long time.

Egyptian cotton is organic hence it breaths well enabling you not to get too hot unlike when using synthetic materials. Egyptian cotton is made from Gossypiumbarbadense which is known for its extra long staple length which breathable, durable and soft.

Egyptian cotton sheets are soft and maintain that feel even after they are washed enabling you to relax and enjoy the soft, luxurious and rich feel of the high quality cotton sheets. Other types of cotton apply polishes and waxes to increase the luster of the material which is unfortunate since it washes of after washing.

When you buy Egyptian cotton sheets, you are guaranteed of quality and luxury. Ensure that you buy Egyptian cotton sheets from an authorized seller to ensure you get the best quality. Make an informed decision to use Egyptian cotton sheets and enjoy a cozy sleep for a long time.