The Factor 2.0

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Say hello to iPhone. 
It’s what we read today on the apple site and on all mac-oriented sites, rumors, amugs like us …
But today we are facing something more important than a new Apple product. Probably, and Jobs’s speech explains it, we are facing an Apple 2.0. The blossoming of a strategy that started with iPod and which led Apple to become a technology leader.

The first time it was personal computer science, it is now the revolution of personal digital … PODing . Small digital gadgets that change your life.
As the current Web was defined by Tim O’Reilly as a “2.0”, Apple (now no longer “Apple Computers, Inc.” but only “Apple, Inc.”) is at its second re-release.
Jobs and its engineers today reset our lives, because the iPhone in a short time will bring a revolution in eco-friendly communications, as the iPod has been to a lesser extent in music lifestyle.

So, welcome iPhone’s new bearing column to a company that has inspired us for over 30 years, makes us work better, makes us entertain and be creative. IPhone is now in the Apple Store USA, Europe is growing fever …

We also hope to get us, like Amug, to a positive release 2.0 … maybe just accompanied by the new iPhone here too.

Hello everybody :-)