Huge increase in the number of VR producers worldwide

Virtual Reality Marketing
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The number of virtual reality studios and 360 Video is growing at a volatile rate. On average each day, 1,500 studios are established somewhere globally. 72 countries have 1784 studios up from 99 studios, according to Virtual Reality Marketing firm when it debuted in 2015. This appears now like Virtual Reality’s death is read on a weekly basis. However, from the perspective of this firm, virtual reality is moving forward at full speed.

Rick Berglin, the co-founder of the Virtual Reality Marketing firm, had to say that it was astounding to see some virtual reality studios starting at such a fast rate. He further claims that they began their directory in 2015 with 99 studios as members. Before Oculus and HTC Vive had even started, and some few years later they had over 1799 members. They estimated that on overage 1, 500 virtual reality studios unlock for business globally each day.

Terry Proto, another co-founder of the same firm, stated that people usually speak about virtual reality industry and they wonder if virtual reality is thriving or dead. In his opinion, he thinks, to look at the Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality world as complete is misplacing the point, but he finds it about how technology and brand new immersive tools from virtual reality companies are influencing all other businesses.

According to him, when looking around one can see many genuinely thrilling use cases for these techs that begin to have an actual effect covering various trade verticals. Therefore, it’s not about virtual reality industry but about what virtual reality and augmented reality may do for everyone. He is of the opinion that there’s no method of realizing the precise number of virtual reality makers out there.

As the most comprehensive register in the globe the membership numbers of Virtual Reality Marketing firm is quite an excellent measure of the general trend. According to Rick Berglin, since the start of the listing, the firm had seen a transformation in its membership composition. When they first started, they had some survivors from the initial virtual reality wave in the 90s alongside with some brand new aspiring studios pausing to hop on the next wave.

Over some time, they saw how virtual reality and 360 video creators began to come out in the open. What occurred next was that production firms and creative agencies that existed started supporting and adding virtual reality and 360 to the catalogue of their capacity. Therefore, to them, this was an indicator that virtual reality and 360 Video has begun to go ordinary in the marketing globe and according to him, brands will drive high standard virtual reality forward.