Mindless Ways to Build Immediate Trust on Your Website

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Believe it or not, it takes just 50 milliseconds for a website visitor to form an opinion of it. At most, websites only have 10 to 15 seconds of window time to build trust with their visitors. Given how distracting the internet is, 10 or 15 seconds is not enough to grab anyone’s attention. Experts from SEO company in Indore increasingly press on the need to make a website impressive enough that it attracts the attention of the visitors in a snap.

Besides design, interface, and responsiveness, what people look for in a website is whether it is trustworthy or not. Professionals who provide search engine optimization services swear by three super simple but effective rules to make a site stand the test of credibility and trust.

So, let’s find out what are these rules and tricks.

#Credibility bar:

By far, the credibility bar is the easiest and quickest way to make a website look and feel trustworthy and reliable. You can do a lot of thing with the credibility bar. What you should put on the bar pretty much depends on what your business has achieved. If your business frequently appears on newspaper and magazines, add the logos of the publications that have featured you. If you boost to serve high profile clients in your niche, add their logos as well. For businesses that are new or have only a handful of clients, they can use the space to put up accreditation, business certificate, clients’ reviews, and testimonials and a lot of other things.

Most businesses argue that the credibility bar only works for B2B or B2C company websites, but the truth is; credibility bar goes with any site.

#Spotlight a video testimonial:

Market research and studies have shown that businesses that invest in video marketing yield 64% more leads than those who don’t. Moreover, 94% have started viewing a video as an effective and cost-efficient marketing tool. Even consumers prefer videos over other means of content consumption.

The best thing about the video is that it can be used in many ways. By merging two marketing approaches, you can give your website a dynamic look and trust feel. Marketers from all around swear by adding testimonial some way or the other. It is the best approach to reputation marketing. By merging video and testimonials, businesses can create video testimonials and put them on the website.

It doesn’t matter if the quality of the video is too low or high, as long as you have a happy customer taking good about your businesses, it is all good.

#Say something impressive:

This trick is for those businesses who have achieved a little over time. If you have something significant or extraordinary to speak about your business, put it on your website and let more and more visitors see it. Doing so will catch the attention of your visitors and they will start trusting your brand and would want to associate with it.