Quickly Beautiful

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Sometimes it finds nice software , and it always delights. Then if it’s written in cocoa , with a whole Mac feel, it’s even more fun. If that’s not enough and we find it as freeware , it’s really the best !! What can be more of a software like this?

Simple: 5 software so !! App4Mac developers have 5 great freeware to download and try at once, at least one will find it great. I consider them all excellent.
RapidoWrite , complete your writing by freely configurable abbreviations … the maximum for repetitive things.
RapidoStart is a launcher … in fact after trying it it could become the launcher …
Quick SMTP : enables postfix the mailserver that’s inside all of our Macs, useful if your provider (like Tele2 lately) gets hacked out with outbound mail
Rapido Serial: a good place to store passwords and serial numbers connected to your purchased software and therefore not included in your keychain.

Do not forget that App4Mac develops a lot of other interesting software, take a tour, and if you find something useful for your Mac, buy it … if you deserve it:-)